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We Love Our Clients

Our customers can now make online reservations, schedule daycare, book a grooming appointment, make payments, upload paperwork and records, update information about your pets such as food allergies, medical conditions, feeding, and medication instructions, receive text notifications, wellness checks, and more…

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  • Book Reservations
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Make Payments

Customer Login

Getting Started

* PLEASE BE ADVISED OUR ENROLLMENT PERIOD IS CLOSED * Do NOT proceed before contacting our customer care team for further information

Are you a new to Tito’s Crew?

Before you can register as part of the #PPack follow these steps to make your enrollment easy!

Step 1: Check your vaccines!

  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHPP/DA2PP)
  • Bordetella
  • Influenza
  • Ova Parasite Exam (fecal test) ; Negative Result MUST be clearly indicated

Step 2: Get a head start on your customer portal!

  • Click the customer login link above and setup your owner information
  • Begin making a profile for your pet including their breed, weight, birth date, etc.
  • Print and fill-out the Policy and Procedures form

Step 3: When you’re ready call to schedule your meet and greet!

Make sure your pet is ready for their big day! We recommend verifying the following items listed below to help with the process:

  • Your pet must be at least 12-weeks of age.
  • Due to traffic flow in our lobby we ask that your pet be brought in on a NON-retractable leash.
  • A printed and signed Policy and Procedures form (you can also get these forms when you arrive).
  • A copy of  our required veterinarian documents verifying your dogs vaccinations expiration dates

Step 4: In the meantime check out our facility virtually by viewing our tour video!!

Already a member of Tito’s Crew?

  • If you’re already enrolled, you can click the customer login link above to make your reservation, daycare or grooming appointment request!